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This section has been created only for inspiration and motivation and to know the benefits and results of learning Quranic Arabic
Umme Farrah
Banglore, India

Assalaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuh Br. Amir sahib. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil' Alameen. Just heard your first interview. May Allah Azzawajal preserve you and reward you immensely. I follow your lectures. Write word to word you teach and then teach in my institution. Alhamdulillah! Have started teaching your book at our Al-Hidaayah Academy. We are from Bangalore, India. We also translate your classes to ENGLISH for our English speaking students, since Urdu is less studied in India. At the moment I'm teaching Madinah books merging your teaching in it too. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil ' Alameen. Side by side studying your Surah Al-Hadid analysis and making notes. I write down notes in Roman Urdu since I can't write Urdu fluently. Alhamdulillah, I have passion for the language and keen on understanding Qur'an in its language and at the same time benefitting my students, bi iznillaahi Ta'ala. I'm downloading now your latest course on Attariqat-ul-Asriyyah. My question is how useful is this course, if I'm teaching Lisaan-ul-Qur'an and Madinah books at the Madrasa. Do you think I should study this course too, since it takes a lot of time to make notes. Because, I teach a lot of other Islamic subjects too or you suggest I study that too. Being a teacher myself, Alhamdulillah I not only take the notes but the teachers way and methodology of teaching too for each teacher has his/her own style . So do u recommend I study this latest course of yours too. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil' Alameen. No doubt your courses are very beneficial and my students too like the method of the courses. May Allah Azzawajal accept these efforts of yours and reward you immensely. One sincere request, if you could do the analysis of the entire Qur'an, even if it takes years .This would help us in Hifz. You can please allot one hour for this every day. This will be beneficial for generations to come in sha Allah.

Prof. (Dr.) Mairaj ud-din Mufti
Srinagar, Kashmir,

Dear respected Br. Aamir Suhail Assalamuallikum Few years back I attended a short course for learning Arabic.Our teacher ( having Aalmiyat from Nadwa) with very good communication skills taught us for just few months and I then continued of my own. Alhamdo lilAllah I developed lot of interest in learning Arabic. Over these years I have been eager to start a class for teaching Quranic Arabic to my colleagues and students but could not do it till date Few days back, fortunately I came across your video lectures and found them very interesting and valuable. I am daily watching your (minimum 5-6 ) lectures and have resolved to start a class after finishing the lecture series within few days. I don't face any difficulty in understanding these lectures because I have basic knowledge of Arabic and your way of teaching is excellent. Kindly make "Dua" for my steadfastness and for achieving the goal.

Haroon Bashir
Islamabad, Pakistan

Assalam o Alaikum My name is Haroon from Islamabad. I am going through Arabic lecture delivered by you, these are really very good. I just want to say Jazak-Allah to u, and beg a request to kindly pray for me that Allah makes it easy and useful for me. Best regards

Sadiq Ali

Assalaamun-Alaik Sheikh, Your video lectures of Arabic learning for Quran are very useful for us. May Allah bless you.

Syed Zeeshan Ali Shah
Umerkot, Pakistan

Assalamu Alaikum... MashaAllah, very effective lectures, and a fantastic approach. I have learnt a lot from these lectures and this has provided me a way to learn more on my own. JazakAllah.

Shakila Bint Reyaz

Assalam-o-Alikum Brother Sohail and his team! I would like to say Jazakum Allah khairun Kaseerun for such nice efforts you all put in for this huge purpose. I have learnt a lot from your lectures from Basic to Advanced Arabic grammar. Duroos-ul-Lugata-ul- Arabia book 1 and 2. Especially Sura Al-Hadid because your lectures made it possible for me to memorize it and it won't be justified if I don't say Thank you and Pray for you people and your cause. Inspired by your lectures, I have started an FB page named "Suggestions" and regularly posting slide on Basic Arabic grammar among friends and families. May Allah (SWT) helps you and us to spread His message in its original language with success. (Aameen Ya Rabbana)

Rashid Naseer

Assalam o alaikum Dear Amir Sohail, I am Rashid Naseer from Pakistan. In pursuit of my long awaited desire to comprehend Quran in Arabic, I recently found your online lectures. Sir, I can claim this beyond any doubt that this is the best material I have ever come across during my search. Moreover, the way you have taught these lessons, with backing force of passionate spirit, is truly truly remarkable. May Allah accept your sincere efforts and make it a Sadqai Jaria. I am making efforts to spread these lectures to as many willing people as possible. Sir, so far I have completed 50 lectures and moving ahead with no significant problems, Alhamdulillah. A request: Can I get the solved exercises so that I can evaluate myself and make corrections in my attempts. Regards

Sehrish Ali
Mirpurkhas Sindh, Pakistan

Assalam u alaikum Sir, Hope you will be fine. I have started learning your course Lisan ul quran in ramazan. Your method of teaching is great. I m very happy that i m little bit able to understand quranic arabic which was too much difficult for me earlier. Inshallah i will revise all lectures again to strong my concepts for forever. May you get reward from Allah.

Mr and Mrs.Ali Yawar Alam
Hofuf, Saudi Arabia

Dear brother Amir Sohail, Myself and my wife just finished the online Arabic Grammar course (2010 version) on LisanulQuran website. We are thankful to Allah SBT for providing us the opportunity to finish this course and learn from an Excellent teacher such as you. We found the planning, organization of material and your teaching prowess to be highly commendable, Masha Allah. All the examples from Quran and Ahadith were prompt and pertinent to the lessons. May Allah SBT bless you for your time and efforts. As a token of appreciation of your selfless work, we would be glad to contribute to anything for you or your academy that would count as Sadqae Jaaria for the propagation of Quran teaching. We would like to have suggestions from you in this regard.


Honorable sir, Assalaamun alaik. JazakAllah khair for the work done by you in the field of Holy Quran and Arabic. I thank Allah for his creation like you. With your efforts I have developed an interest in Quran and Arabic. Once again jazakAllah khair. In India we are running virtual class watching your videos. May Allah shower His best blessings on you and your faculty and family. Long live sir.

Mohammad Sufyan
Allahabad, India

As-salam u alaikum , My name is Basil Mohammad Sufyan and I am from Allahabad, India. Today I completed your online Basic Arabic grammar course after 2.5 months of starting it. As soon as I completed this course my first feeling was to thank you for providing me what I was searching for since Ramadhan. I am writing this to you to thank you for the great work that you have done for us who cannot afford the course available online for money or are reluctant to spend. I always wanted to learn Arabic as I did not felt connected to the Quran by simply reciting it in the language I did not know, so slowly I went away from the Quran. Only in Ramadan I used to recite it and that too a few verses. But last Ramadan I asked Allah to guide me in this direction and make me learn the language of the Quran and Alhamdulillah in the last ashra Allah somehow connected me with a course by Dr Abdur Aziz on peace TV. After nearly 10 lectures I was feeling disconnected to that course as it is not the course on grammar. But it made me want more and so I kept on searching for better courses. The English courses available were too costly. But then Allah brought your course to my knowledge through a friend. In the beginning I was in doubt weather I would be able to do it as it was in Urdu and we in India are not very well versed with Urdu. I was no different. I only knew the very basic Urdu. As Urdu and Hindi are similar in speaking I gathered some courage and by Allah's grace started it. I also started learning Urdu sidewise. Now after completing this course I feel that my Urdu has also increased drastically along with Arabic. All thanks to you, and I pray for you from the bottom of my heart that you continue this great work and inshallah more people will be benefitted from it. Aap ke lie dil se dua nikalti hai. It's due to you that today I feel connected with the Quran, and enjoy reciting it. Allah se dua hai ki Allah aapke is kaam ko qubool farmae. Mera bhi ab irada hai aur Allah se dua hai ki Allah is kaam ko phailane me mughe laga de, aur kisi na kisi hawale se mughse kaam lele apne kalam ko aam karne me. Thanking you from the bottom of my heart. Basil mohd sufyan

Anjum Shakeel

Salaam Bhai Aamir Sohail Saahib I am really impressed by the way you are teaching. I have recently joined a part time madrassah in Bradford U.K. but the way you've explained things it made lot of difference in my understanding. May Allah swt reward you for your efforts jazakallah wa Ahsanal jaza

Karachi, Pakistan

Respected Brother Aamir Sohail Sb, Asslam-o-Alaikum While searching on the net, I found your website and am pretty much impressed the way your people are working for teaching Quran to the people. May Allah (SWT) give you rewards and blessings upon you... ameen. I am writing to you know you have any plan to launch Arabic Grammar Courses in Karachi... as I am anxious to further learn Arabic Grammar Course for Quran Fehmi... I am currently learning it though a very kind courtesy of a respected volunteer teacher... Mr. Abdur Rahman, who is teaching very well indeed. Kindly let me know at the earliest. With regards, Riazuddin Karachi

Umer ibn jalal
Kashmir, Pakistan

Asalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, I hope this reaches you in the best of health and emaan. Sir I have been your virtual student for Arabic grammar for quite some time now Alhamdulillah. The way of your teaching is lucid and easy. May Allah reward you for your efforts and grant you more success in both the worlds. Sir I (umer ibn jalal) hailing from Indian occupied Kashmir though being a student of knowledge is also running an Islamic centre at my home right now for the past eight years. I do teach your course also in my centre and its getting more and more popular here in Kashmir. Sir, I have a request if you take it into consideration. I want an NASEEHAH SESSION of yours online for our students relating to Arabic and Quran via Skype or else for the encouragement of students to learn more Arabic and Quran in the first place also. I hope you will give a green signal for my humble request. Shukrann Jazeelann Umer ibn jalal

Liaqat Ali
Saudi Arabia

Ustad-e-Mohtaram Janab Amir Soahil Sahab Asalamo Alaikum My name is Liaqat Ali. I am from Swat. Currently I am working as Software Engineer in Saudi Arabia. I was interested in learning Quranic Arabic. But I found it difficult because of the variation in Arabic language here. With the Mercy of Allah Subahan wa Taala, I found out your lectures on YouTube and then downloaded all the lectures plus your valuable notes. I started the course and Mash Allah I got surprised with the way of your teaching. I took this course twice to get the basic concepts. Then I also attended your advance level courses. With the mercy of Allah Subahan wa Taala, this course plus Darse Quran, Dr. Israr Ahmed (Marhoom) provided me a way to attached myself with the Holy Quran. I am still in very very basic stage, but Alhamdulillah I started to teach the basic grammar from you books and videos to my friends. Anyhow I am looking how I could make progress with this little foundation to some more advance topics, Insha Allah. I will feel my self lucky, if I could be of any help in spreading this great work. Allah Taala aap ko is kaam ka azeem ajar ata farmaye. Ameen Thank you so much.

Abu Zaed

Salaamalekum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuhu, Brother Aamir Sohail, I am a humble servant of our Rabb. I don't know Arabic. I also don't know Urdu. But I can understand little bit Urdu. By listening to your lectures on YouTube, MashAllah I am learning both Arabic and Urdu! May ALLAH SWT reward you and the team at Lisanul Quran. Insha'Allah when I will finish this course I will try to open like this one in my country also. Insha Allah. Please make dua for spreading Quran message in my country Insha Allah. JazakAllahumma Khair. Wa Salam, Abu Zaed

Saudi Arabia

Assalam o alekom Janab Ameer Sohail ustad beshak ap ke ustad qa qoul belkol teek he allah ne ap ko arabi parane k lye peda keya he . janab me saudi me ho or jumme ke din zindagi me 1st time muje khutba samaj me aya tu ap yaqeen jane dil se dowa nikil gaye ap ke lye janab mene ap ko msg is lye keya k lako loog ap ke lye dowa karte he . Or ap mere lye dowa kare k allah mere ilm or amal me barkat atta kare .Wassalam

Mumbai, India

Assalamo alykum Moallim Aamir Sohail Sahab, From past some days I am watching your lectures on Arabic grammer and I really want to say Jazakallah to you and many many thanks. I am learning grammar and inshallah it will help me in understand quran. I have this desire since long time to understand Quran but not finding a way. Now by the grace of Allah I find a way via your lectures. May Allah give you jazaa and barakat and all your wishes comes true. Many many thanks to you for such a splendid work. May Allah reward you here and hereafter

Syed Irshad Gilani
Lexington Kentucky, USA

Dear Brother and my Ustad e Mukaram Amir Suhail sahib Aslam o Alaikum wa Rahamatu Allah, My name is Syed Irshad Gilani ,I live in Lexington Kentucky USA ,I have completed your Quranic Arabic video lectures, I am one of your students that you have never met, I love Dr Abdus Sami sahibs lectures, I like to do something to convey the message of Quran in a way you are doing any suggestions how I should start inshaa Allah . Please convey my best regards to Dr Sami sahib. Khair Andesh Irshad Gilani

Online Student
Taif, Saudi Arabia

May Allah give you the best of reward in this life and hereafter for your work . I am from India currently residing in Taif . I have downloaded your quranic grammar lessons as well as advanced level courses also . Alhamdulillah I am getting benefits from these lessons . I have a query the advanced level course consist of 10 lessons or 20 lessons . As there are only 10 lessons uploaded on khuddamul Quran website . Is there any other way that I can download the rest of lessons from advanced quranic grammar.

Mohammad Gulfishan
Dehradund, India

Assalam u alaikum Sir, Since long I had been in search of an effective source of learning of Arabic Grammar that may empower me to understand Quran before I luckily came across ur lectures on You tube .I m glad to inform u that I found ur lectures most effective and ur way of communication highly understandable . Today I came across ur website I must congratulate u for ur great endeavor .May Allah grant u success and shower His blessings and kindness and reward u with the greatest reward in this life as well as in Hereafter . It is only because of ur lectures that I have been successful in creating interest of my wife in the field of learning Arabic. Now I request u to let me know regarding the availability of ur latest series of lectures in DVDs, so that I may view ur lectures off line I.e. without internet .I shall be grateful to y and ur team.

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